Big Changes (or why we stink at moderation)

My wife complements me in so many ways. Unfortunately there are places where we align far too much and find ourselves building bad habits. Our biggest one has been laziness: at the end of a long day we just want to numb our brains with TV, eat some junk food and chill. We both want to do it. I want a beer while I watch, she usually opts for ice cream. That is a whole lot of extra calories every night – right before bed!

Big Change #1: TV and Media
While everyone was gone, I quietly removed the TV, AppleTV, Blu-Ray player, and Wii. Now the bookshelf is back to being a bookshelf – books and all. It’s been freeing and honestly I think rooms look better without TV’s in them. So far it hasn’t been an issue, even for our 5 year old son.

Part of this goal was to also reduce our dependence on our iPhones and iPad. I haven’t fully succeeded there, but I have been placing my phone in a holder by the door when I walk in. I find that this allows me to just not worry about it. Laura has deleted Facebook and (supposedly) deleted Instagram. Again this allowed her phone to begin to function more like a phone and less like a scary all consuming social life-coach.

Big Change #2: Veganism (or Plant powered)
I actually like the term plant powered instead of vegan, because it’s more accurate. We are just trying to eat as healthy as we can and veganism (plant-powered-ism?) is the easiest solution we have found. We tried this last year and had good success with it. The major problem we ran into was that when our goal was veganism (i.e., no animal products) we ended up eating vegan junk food (something I honestly don’t recommend anyone doing). Instead, our goal is to fuel our bodies with the most nutrient rich foods we can.

The corralary to this is that I want to train for a marathon and fueling my body on these plants will hopefully help me recover fast. Our problem before veganism was that I tended to eat a diet that was not terribly exciting or terribly healthy. It wasn’t unhealthy, but it was far from the smoothies, big salads, and vegan chilis that we are eating now.

Why Big Changes?
I feel that we make so many mistakes over the course of our lives and at some point you just have to make a course correct. In our case moderation doesn’t work as well as just tossing in the anchor and pulling a Jack Sparrow as we swing this ship around in the other direction.

We screwed up in terms of media saturation with ourselves and our son. So now is the chance to change it or die trying. This post just puts it out there.

Anyone else made any drastic changes? Or anyone want to make them? It’s actually kind of fun, I think.


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