We’re Alive!


Mea Culpa and all that. We had grandiose dreams of updating this blog all the time. Instead we went on our vision trip (which we will report about soon) and then got sick. Our son came down with Strep throat, and shortly after that we all came down with the flu for Christmas. Michael then got pneumonia after that. Suffice to say it wasn’t until a few weeks into 2014 that we began to feel better. Blogging was not a high priority during the plague.

Briefly, the trip went well. We saw nearly all of Spain it seems like (not really). But we did get to tour the Northern Oveido region for a day (sadly a much shorter time than we would have liked). We spent most of our time near Madrid and were lucky enough to get two days in Toledo, an absolutely beautiful (and also rather cold) city south of Madrid.

The people we met were wonderful, both regular Spaniards and those who were part of the evangelical church there. We were welcomed by everyone, and one of the most encouraging experiences was how the Spanish evangelicals want more missionaries over there to reach their country. The idea that we would be working alongside the church is encouraging.

Next on the agenda is going before the board of World Witness to tell them about our trip. Then it’s off to a meeting with personnel committee. From there we will know more and tell you. That is coming up on the first Tuesday in March, and we covet your prayers for that.

So thank you everyone for praying for us, keeping up with us, and loving us. We couldn’t have done any of this without your help. Thank you.


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