Notable Links

A few interesting links I ran across.

Stop Slandering Christ’s Bride

This is something I’ve been saying for awhile now. I spend my time at a para church ministry and hear this type of talk far too often. I equate it with a bridesmaid calling the bride ugly. Not a smart move in my opinion. I do want to add that there are real issues that need to be addressed with the American church. We all need to be called back to the cross, to a humble reliance upon our only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Nonetheless, we need to recognized that we don’t have all the facts and we are not God’s gift to the church.

NextDoor and Missions
This is an interesting idea. We have signed up for it but not a lot of our neighborhood is on it. Even so we have sort of met a couple of people.

The NextDoor service, is what social media should be doing, creating a real community instead of a fake one.

Pray for Italy
It is always good to read about what God is doing around the world.

Family Devotions
I need to repent of my laxity with family worship.


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