The Crud and Stuff

We have all gotten pretty sick. I appear to have the worst of it. So we would appreciate your prayers that we would be healthy and ready for this trip. 

Sorry for the minimal posting lately. I am deep in the trenches of my class on Martin Luther’s theology, and we are busy doing packing drills to make sure we are packing efficiently. We also are coordinating with two other missionary families to be bring them stuff. So I have to finish up some small papers and write my major paper for this class hopefully before we go to Spain! Fun! 

Over 100%

I’m not sure of the exact figures, but we are over 100% for the funding of this trip! This is providential, because we have started to realize that our expenses may exceed our original goal. So thank you so much, every one of you. Please know that your prayers and your giving were used by God in a huge way to encourage us in this endeavor. I really never thought we would end up here, so again, thank you.

So that’s the quick update. We hope to be a bit more regular once things get a bit less hectic (or maybe more updates as it gets more hectic!). Stay tuned.


Notable Links

A few interesting links I ran across.

Stop Slandering Christ’s Bride

This is something I’ve been saying for awhile now. I spend my time at a para church ministry and hear this type of talk far too often. I equate it with a bridesmaid calling the bride ugly. Not a smart move in my opinion. I do want to add that there are real issues that need to be addressed with the American church. We all need to be called back to the cross, to a humble reliance upon our only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Nonetheless, we need to recognized that we don’t have all the facts and we are not God’s gift to the church.

NextDoor and Missions
This is an interesting idea. We have signed up for it but not a lot of our neighborhood is on it. Even so we have sort of met a couple of people.

The NextDoor service, is what social media should be doing, creating a real community instead of a fake one.

Pray for Italy
It is always good to read about what God is doing around the world.

Family Devotions
I need to repent of my laxity with family worship.