The Joy of the Cross

Often times evangelism is something we should do, but don’t want to. It’s akin to the badly prepared vegetables – we’d rather have the cheeseburger. However, there is a joy in Christianity that I think we can convey much more easily than our standard “Gospel Presentation.”

What if, instead of the subjective – the standard find forgiveness for your sins in Jesus we exalted the objective. (This isn’t to say that it is wrong to speak of the subjection – the Bible shows that this is a viable way to present the message of the Gospel). It might be easy to explain it this way: the Gospel is the announcement of Jesus. The secondary consequence to what the Gospel is, is that those in Jesus find true forgiveness and acceptance. But that only happens if the underlying event is true. So Christianity is the story of God redeeming his people through Jesus Christ.

In a sense, who doesn’t want the story of the Cross to be true? In it we learn not only of a creator-God, but a God who entered space-time to be like his creation. No longer is God distant in the heavens above, but he has broken the heavens and come down, being made like us humans in nearly every way. Think about the religions of the world – they teach about either a god so distance you may never met it or a god so present it can’t do any good. Christianity says what we all feel, something is wrong in what should be right. It says we need to be rescued and we need to be righted.

The Cross shows a God who is experientially aware of suffering and overflowing in love. The Cross shows us that true restoration and acceptance can be had, the Cross displays for us what all what we yearn for. Christianity is a religion about an event, not an idea [1]. At this event, death is defeated, life proclaimed, liberty for the captives, there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.

[1] Alister McGrath The Mystery of the Cross.


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