So… why Spain? (Part 2)

See Part 1. We left off with me finishing up my Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Erskine Seminary.

Now, the biggest choice was whether I wanted to pursue a Th.D. or head to the mission field. Seminary was great and I would readily council anyone entering the ministry to go through it (or at least something comparable). However for me it was also a bit soul destroying. It’s hard when your nose is so far in the Bible that you start measuring the width between words or are so far back looking at all the interesting connections of the unfolding plan of God’s that you forget that the story is ultimately the answer that we all yearn for.

Anyway, as you can guess I decided to go with option number #2, the mission field. To be fair it wasn’t really an either/or choice. The Th.D. would allow me to teach on the mission field with the appropriate credentials – something that I really do want to do. But still, doing active ministry seemed so much more satisfying now than did more research.

So we approached our agency, World Witness, the mission board of the ARP and began talking about where to send us. Because of certain physical constraints we would want to work in places with a harsh climate. Secondly because of a young son we’d want it to be relatively safe. The obvious choice seemed Germany – our agency had been doing great work there, so it seemed settled.

Then like a curve ball a good friend of ours, who was than going to Spain simply asked if we would like to join them. It seems innocuous enough. But somehow, from that point things have been coming together that defy any explanation other than providence. Through their friendship, God was working through Laura to get her ready for international mission work. It was one fateful weekend where we crammed 4 adults and 3 children into a tiny two-bedroom town home, that at the end of it, Laura was ready to go.

That, in a nutshell, is how we decided on Spain. Though it does appear as if Spain chose us.


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